The Academy for Happiness is a social enterprise, dedicated to cultivating mental resilience among the population, using tools from positive psychology.


The Academy for Happiness is a social enterprise that aims to spread the language of optimism, and get larger populations to adopt optimism as a way of life.

The current era brings with it a new challenge – depression, which leads to a feeling of despair, an increase in the level of violence and an increase in the feeling of loneliness and social alienation.

We are identifying fertile ground for the creation of a new language that will try to combat this alarming phenomenon and become a “vaccine” for depression for a variety of populations.

With the help of intervention programs, based on principles and research findings in the field of positive psychology, we believe we can create real change among children, parents, teachers and other populations.

The academy develops and implements intervention programs based on the principles and research findings from the field of positive psychology.

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"The Happy Van"

Gym for happiness.
A protected and inclusive treatment space, which combines neurofeedback and biofeedback technology, accompanies the program.

ongoing activity Intended for populations at risk.

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"Vaccine for depression"

Academic training programs for students, teachers, principals and parents to practice optimism.

15 sessions for children, parents and elementary school teachers. 

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Promoting innovation

Scholarships and grants for those engaged in research work, as well as independent research,In all areas of positive psychology.


Designed for students who want to explore the field of optimism.

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Distribute happiness

Inspirational event for employees, gifts or lectures. Every purchase promotes the "Optimistic Childhood" program.

Designed for organizations Who wish to give for the community


Raising the level of mental resilience of the population in Israel, with the help of tools from positive psychology, and making the language of optimism in the public domain.



We have a real desire to create a better world. We believe in education as a way of life, and in expanding the circles of influence. We will always work to add partners along the way.



We see out of a positive lens. We look for the good side in each situation and assume that everything is possible.



We are committed to acting with expertise and efficiency. We will remain honest and loyal to ourselves and our community, and will always be conducted in full transparency.



We believe in the human power to create reality, to change thoughts and feelings and to influence our lives and those around us. We will be aware of the power of words and act to spread powerful messages



We always operate from a place of humanity, consideration for the other, courtesy and respect. We have forgiveness for mistakes, and we recognize the right to be human.



We will always continue to step forward with excitement, we will strive to improve all the time, we will be diverse, and we will adapt to flexibility and new challenges.


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We, Ilana Barry and Zehavit Madhala, are business partners, with M.A in curriculum writing and a B.A in education, who have been working together at Yanuka for over 15 years.

We are both mothers, who believe that "raising happy children" is our parental responsibility.
By researching and collecting data from psychological theories, and research in the field of positive psychology, we have been able to distill one basic insight - happiness is a way of life.

Our goal today is to spread all the knowledge we have accumulated, and to reach as wide circle as possible. Create more optimistic world. We believe that investing in education today will inevitably lead to a better society in the future.

פרופ׳ דוד פסיג

יו״ר העמותה

פרופ׳ פסיג הוא חוקר עתידים
וראש המעבדה למציאות מדומה,
אוני בר אילן

אילנה ברי

מייסדת-מנכ״ל משותף

אילנה בעלת M.A בחינוך ופסיכו׳,
שותפה בחברת ״ינוקא״, חוקרת
את תחום האופטימיות.

זהבית מדהלה

מייסדת-מנכ״ל משותף

זהבית בעלת M.A בחינוך,
שותפה בחברת ״ינוקא״, חוקרת
את תחום הלחץ והחרדה.

לני פנסו

וועד מנהל

לני בעלת תואר M.A בחינוך מיוחד
ובריאות הוליסטית בשילוב אומנויות.
שותפה בחברת “אורבה-ניר” העוסקת
בתחום הפנאי ומורה בחטיבה העליונה.

דורית נדלר

ועד מנהל

דורית בעלת M.A במנהל מערכות
חינוך, מנהלת בי”ס, בעלת ותק
של 30 שנה במערכת החינוך.

ארז הוד

ועד מנהל

ארז בעל M.A במדעי המח,
מומחה למערכות טכנולוגיות. עובד כ-
System Administrator בחברת הייטק.

ד״ר רינת כהן

ועד מנהל

רינת בעלת M.A בייעוץ חינוכי
ו PHD בחינוך. יועצת סטטיסטית
וחוקרת בתחומי החינוך והפסיכולוגיה

רו״ח אבי ביטן

ועדת ביקורת

אבי, רו“ח ומשפטן, מומחה במתן
הלוואות מדינה ויועץ פיננסי,
מייסד משרד ״ביטן את ביטן – רואי
חשבון״ בתל אביב.

עו״ד רם שכטר

ועדת ביקורת

רם, עו”ד ונוטריון, בעל משרד
עצמאי המתמחה במשפט חוקתי
ומינהלי, דיני משפחה ומשפט

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